What To Read Quicklist (Pre-K)

One of my favorite children’s picture book authors is Valeri Gorbachev (here’s a charming interview with the Brooklyn-based author/illustrator). If you see his name on the book, chances are it’s a sweet story about anthropomorphized- could I possibly have spelled that right the first time?- animals.  Here are my top 5:

  1. Catty Jane Who Hated the Rain My middle boy called this his favorite book FOR. YEARS. It was one of those books we checked out from the library every time.
  2. That’s What Friends Are For Everyone needs these guys to teach a class on what it means to be a friend.
  3. Shhh! A sweet book for a house with a new baby.
  4. Turtle’s Penguin Day A great book for school awareness.
  5. Christopher Counting A sweet tale for young counters everywhere!

What to Read Quicklist (Pre-K)

  1. The Happy Lion by Louise Fatio.  It’s a sweet story about a lion in France who leaves the zoo for a day to wander about town.
  2. The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen. Rhyming, rhythmic tale about shipwreck and a charming escape.
  3. Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall. I always tell my kids this is my favorite children’s book, and they grab it as a special kindness to me. Its lyrical portrayal of farm life and gentle domestic scenes reads like a Wendell Berry primer for kids.
  4. A Visitor for Bear (Bear and Mouse) by Bonnie Becker. I love the illustrations in this book and the vocabulary is particularly rich. Everybody needs a friend, even grumpy old Bear.
  5. Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen. Great watercolor illustrations in this fanciful tale of a lion and the people he won over. We never stopped wishing for a big cat to wander into our library.